Jacobean, Jacobites and Jacobins.


I am posting this link here (because I can’t find a way to share this post properly) because I am currently in the midst of a self destructive period drama spiral. As of now, I am reading Jeremy Poldark and halfway through season 2 of Outlander.

That I am Jamie Fraser, that I am.

While watching the first season of Outlander I become interested in the Jacobite history, I researched a bit about it and found that the Jacobites were trying to put the Stuart King back on the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland, rather than the Hanoverian King they had at that time. So that all made sense to me!

Thanks for that Jamie.

Then out of nowhere as I’m reading Jeremy Poldark, Ross is accused of being a Jacobin! I’m thinking “hold up, is this just a more recent term for Jacobite? When has Ross ever backed a Stuart/Catholic king?”

My life is a lie.

As I read further I soon learnt that the Jacobin movement had to do with the French Revolution, you know, the one when they stormed the Bastille and Marie Antoinette and her King Louis XVI lost their heads? Yeah, that one. tumblr_n7u3wtoXKx1rja5ioo1_500

So the French Revolution is raging on in the background of the Cornish tale and Ross is accused of being a Jacobin for standing up for and helping the poor people in his town. tumblr_nn35zvIANp1uroepko4_r1_500

So that has been my experience with these words in the last 2 weeks, but if you want to know more about them, click on the link above an read away, it’s a really great article!


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