Book Review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This parody of Jane Austen’s classic, is a well put together, entertaining read. One must remember that it is a comedic parody, and not made as an insult to the original writings and author.

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It did not vary so much from the Pride and Prejudice we all know and love, with the addition of Zombies not included, there were however, some minor differences. Not one of them did I like but, that doesn’t mean I did not like the novel entirely. Like I said, it is a parody. The general construction of the novel was more or less, word for word the original novel, with the dialogue only slightly changed by throwing the odd Zombie reference in here and there. Certain secondary characters met a grimmer fate, not deserving by all of them. Two things that I absolutely detested was firstly, the many murderous thoughts Elizabeth held against Darcy and the fact she so willingly and thoughtlessly killed several of Lady Catherine’s trained ninjas, people, real human beings, however, she couldn’t bring herself to slay a mother and baby zombie. I don’t understand why she can’t both be a zombie slayer and also a civilised human being.

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Secondly, Mr. Bennet being unfaithful to his wife while escorting his daughters on their training trips in China? This was a step too far in my opinion and Mr. Bennet, a man of good intent and judgement, would have never done such an awful thing. Yes, Mrs. Bennet was a right pain in the bum, but the irony of their relationship was the fact that he loved her despite all her flutterings and spasms. Her nerves had been his constant companion those 20+ years.

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If you can look past these ugly changes and enjoy a love story blossoming on the grounds of war against mythical undead creatures (no, not Twilight) then this is the story for you.

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Upon watching the film released earlier this year, there is no comparison between it and the novel. Several changes from the book make it almost a new story completely. While the first 30 minutes seem reminiscent of the novel the changes soon after are drastic to the point of me having to stop the film halfway through and take the time to contemplate what these new changes meant. Pinnacle points in the novel were dropped and replace with new scenes, (a battle between the militia and the zombies on the wall of London in place of the trip to Pemberley with Aunt and Uncle Gardiner? Whaaaattt?)

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and we never even get a sighting of the famous Pemberley! If this movie was made with original characters and a “more” original story-line, it has some potential, however half baking the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies story-line into a new movie just didn’t really work for me. If there was to ever be another adaptation of Pride and Prejudice I would highly recommend Matt Smith as Mr. Collins, he stole the show, and Sam Riley, if given the opportunity to play the original Darcy would be a real treat, he has a lot of potential to be an excellent Darcy and I don’t think it was shown well in this film.

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