Auckland – Friday 1st May 2015 

One of the things that intrigued me the most about the Best Western President Hotel is the fact it had a “toaster room”. What is a toaster room? – I hear you ask. (Okay so maybe I’m so unworldly that a toaster room is a normal thing and I’ve just never come across one until now, but anyway.) For those of you who don’t know, a toaster room is a small room with  a single, or multiple toasters in it. Pretty self-explanatory right? But rather than have a toaster in every apartment, they had a single toaster room, where everyone congregates in the morning to toast their bread. But enough about the toaster room.

I’m lucky enough to have a cousin who lives in Auckland with her Kiwi boyfriend, so our two remaining days there were spent with them. The North Island of New Zealand is fairly volcanic, and there is a volcano in Auckland called Mount Eden. This was the first place my cousin took us to visit and it’s easy to see why. From the top of the volcano is a beautiful view of Auckland and surrounding areas.

Mount Eden, Auckland.

The gorgeous coastal views are really something to behold.

Photo by Elissa Poletti
View from Mount Eden. – Photo by Elissa Poletti.
Mount Eden Crater. – Photo by Elissa Poletti.

Of course, judging by the over grown nature of the volcano’s crater, Mount Eden is extinct, but further north there are plenty of active ones, in fact, even in Auckland they still get what’s called “magma bubbles” (clearly not a scientific name) and there is no way to predict how large or where it will be.

Earlier that morning dad and I went for a walk down along bay, it’s a very bustling area with lots of little cafes and eating places.

Bay along Auckland. – Photo by Elissa Poletti

We were extremely lucky to get such beautiful weather for our time in Auckland, lovely sunny days in the mid twenties, just perfect.


Feature image by Elissa Poletti.




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