Auckland – Thursday 30th April 2015

We (my dad and I) didn’t achieve a whole lot on our first day in New Zealand. With a 4am start, to make sure we didn’t miss the plane (we were very careful travelers, it being our first time and all) one of the most exciting things to happen that day was flying with Air New Zealand and having Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and the gang give us our inflight details and proceedings rather than the usual flight attendants. So okay, Elijah Wood didn’t actually talk us through the emergency procedures, but the recorded version of him on the back of the seat in front of me did. After the excitement of watching Gandalf show us how to safely deploy the overhead life-vests, I sat back and relaxed to “Night at the Museum 3” (watched it purely for Dan Stevens’ Lancelot) and we arrived in Auckland New Zealand by 2:10pm that afternoon. We rented a very stylish Toyota Carola and drove it several times around the city of Auckland before finally finding where the hell we were supposed to be staying. We stayed at the Best Western President Hotel, not exactly sure what was so “presidential” about it but there you go! If there is one recommendation I can make for my readers it’s this – try to find accommodation out of the city, we were in the dead centre and it was very difficult to have a good nights sleep. There are a lot of clubs and people out and about in the middle of the night and if you’re planning for a big day, a good nights sleep is essential.

We had dinner at a fairly recently established Italian restaurant just up the road from our accommodation called “Da Vinci’s”, it was very enjoyable, had to unbutton my jeans.

After our big day of flying an getting lost and everything else in between, we had an early night, went home and watched “It’s Complicated“, your classic midweek sort of movie, and attempted what sleep we could!

Featured photo: Statue of Thror at Auckland Airport – photo taken by Elissa Poletti.


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